Axium Software and Firmware

I'm an Axium Dealer...  This page is designed for you. As a certified Axium Dealer this is where you will be able to obtain the latest Axium Software and Firmware updates.

I want to be an Axium Dealer...  If you are not currently Axium certified, please take a moment to  contact us  today, or email your local  Axium Distributor  for further information. We would appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

I have Axium in my home...  If you are interested in further improving your new or existing Axium system, or are needing assistance, please contact one of our  International Distributors  for an installer in your area.

Axium Software Downloads

Please select the software or firmware you wish to download. The 'Axium Software Suite' includes Axium Design Portal software, the latest amplifier and controller firmwares available, USB drivers as well as software for supporting legacy products.



Contact us if you are requiring assistance with Axium software downloads or legacy products.