Axium IRFX3 Infra-Red Receivers

The Axium IRFX3 Infra-Red Receiver is Plasma, LCD and LED & Sun Light tolerant. It utilises leading edge technology to filter the receiver IR data packets. A microprocessor decides if the received packets are valid, re-transmitting & modulating in real time, with priority to reconstruct My Sky HD (Pace HD) IR. The Axium IRFX3 Infra-Red Receiver is suitable for surface mounting on Televisions, Plasma, LCD or LED displays as well as cabinets, appliances or speaker grills. The flat cable may be bent 90 degrees to provide rear or side cable exit. The receiver has excellent off-axis reception giving >50% range when 60 degrees off axis.
The Axium IRFX3 is available in two formats:

1. AX-IRFX3 Single. Each IRFX3 Single contains 1 x IRFX3 IR Receiver with three coloured shells, Black, White and Silver.


2. AX-IR KIT4. Each kit contains a single IRFX3 IR receiver, an EX4N connecting block, 4 x Slimline single emitters and 1 x Power Supply

Download IRFX3 Single Cut Sheet
Download IR KIT4-Kit Cut Sheet